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A+ Academy Mission:  


Our mission is to provide a welcoming, positive, and productive learning environment to children by bringing individual capabilities to a new level through our structured and supportive academic child care program.


A+ Academy specializes in providing online school curriculum monitoring and homework tutoring to tackle day-to-day fundamental knowledge development for school aged children. We are an Oregon State licensed Child Care Center, providing academic support and quality child care services in our state of the art learning center facility, equipped with an outdoor playground and a 1000-sq. ft. indoor physical education training space, as well as an extensive library.


Classes are offered in small group settings.  Work space and play areas are carefully designed to follow social distancing guidelines.  The facility is fully sanitized daily, with common areas being sanitized on an hourly basis as we take proactive measures to conquer the COVID pandemic.


Additional services include internationally certified Taekwondo Black Belt training, academic counseling and tutoring for K through 12th, TOEFL, SAT, and college preparation workshops.


A+ Academy is your solution to developing a well-rounded future leader with the fine combination of achieving academic excellence through the interdisciplinary practice of Martial Arts.


We look forward to helping your child achieve a life of your dreams!

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